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Vidal Ekechukwu


After graduating from Harvard College in 2012, he worked on his own venture, Hottspot, before coming to Hashrocket. Years of iterating Hottspot not only served as an introductory crash course into the world of entrepreneurship, but it was also the anvil on which he forged his proficiency as a developer.

Its front-end, now entirely written in React JS, has left him of the opinion that the V in a traditional MVC web architecture can and should be implemented as much as possible in Javascript. React has earned its keep as a comprehensive, production-scale front-end solution for web and mobile applications. It's just as much fun to write as it is to play with the UI's it facilitates. (Check out Hacktive, another one of Vidal's React projects)

Working on a consumer facing product also forced Vidal to prioritize performant data retrieval in production contexts. As such, he has become a highly capable PostgreSQL developer who is eager to shave off milliseconds in a given query leveraging some of Postgres' more esoteric syntax like LATERAL JOINs. Watch him gush over them in his episode of PGCasts, a Hashrocket production.

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