Matt Polito

Matt Polito

Software Developer

Matt is a seasoned veteran of the Ruby world, having spent many years helping build up the Ruby community in Chicago and putting in time at both Obtiva and Groupon. He's a lover of the simple things in life, and that love translates to an ability to see the simple solutions in complex development problems.

In addition to his development chops, he has helped support the community by assisting in the growth of several user groups and conferences such as: ChicagoRuby, WindyCityRails, RubyJax, Ancient City Ruby, and RubyConf. Also you may find him speaking on things he is passionate about at conferences like: WindyCityRails, Code on the Beach, and Ruby Remote Conf.

Outside of all that, he takes ownership of all projects he works on and becomes a trusted ally. In 2011 Matt moved his family to Florida and Hashrocket has been thrilled ever since to have his expertise!

Open Source Projects

  • Cartographie Google static map generator

  • Komments Ruby wrapper around the commenting engine, Komments (

  • Paratrooper Library for creating tasks that deploy to Heroku

  • RoutingNumbers Wrapper around the API

  • Slugworth Simple slug functionality for your ActiveRecord objects