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Elm by Example: Soup to Nuts - Part 1

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I've been experimenting with Elm for the past few months and have come to really appreciate its style of programming. It is very similar to React in the sense that you can render modular components based on DOM events, but the functional style and syntactic sugar are a pleasure to work with. In this blog post I will guide you in building your first Slack inspired component.

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Upsert Records with PostgreSQL 9.5

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With the release of PostgreSQL 9.5, we now have a better way to upsert data.

No more making multiple trips to the database.

No more shoehorning writeable common table expressions.

No more defining custom merge functions.

We finally have the upsert feature we've been waiting for.

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How to get help with Vim

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Vim is a behemoth of powerful features, small tricks, copious keybindings, legacy conventions, and dusty corners. It presents rewards and challenges whether you are starting to learn the basics, gaining competency, or even mastering Vim (whatever that looks like). Regardless of the stage in which you find yourself, Vim always offers more to learn and explore.

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Avoiding Common Traps of Product Building

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Years of working with companies in various stages of maturity has taught us a lot about how businesses push their products forward. Regardless of the business model and methodologies, there's a common trap I see many clients fall victim to: building for where you see yourself, and not for where you are.