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Top Tweets of 2016 with Elixir and Ecto

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As you look ahead to 2017, you may find yourself looking back on 2016. What are the goals that you achieved? What are the books that you read?

If you're an avid Twitter user you may also be wonder what your most popular tweets of the year were. With the help of Elixir and Ecto, we can figure that out.

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Pairing in Practice

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Two Keyboards, Two Mice, One Monitor. This is a little bit of what pairing looks like in practice, constant discussion, trials, rollbacks, re-thinks all looking for a best solution. An all-day coding marathon every day that reduces unwelcome pauses in momentum.

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Up, Down, Up with Ecto Migrations

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At Hashrocket, most of what we build are applications backed by relational databases. Our relational database of choice is PostgreSQL. We tend to offload as much work as possible on Postgres and we take joy in the opportunity to use all the features Postgres has to offer. Of course, using Postgres to this extent has implications for how we develop applications, in particular for the way we write database migrations. Though frameworks tend to...