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Tips and Tricks from Integrating React Native with Existing Mobile Apps

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A lot of clients come to Hashrocket with an existing mobile app and they expect us to deliver new features as soon as possible. With an easy integration, native performance, support for the main platforms and great development experience, React Native has proved to be the right choice for maintaining existing mobile apps.

This blog post describes some of the tips and tricks that we face when we integrate React Native with existing apps. The...

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How to Make a Rails 5 App API-Only

Posted by Vinicius Ferreira Negrisolo

This blog post lists the steps to follow when converting your regular Rails 5 app to api only mode. Rails 5 has released this feature and the main purpose is to be a lighter version of Rails. This means less middleware on the stack and less modules included in controllers. Api only mode is optimized to serve json content. This way your app will fit better within frontend/backend architectures.