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Elixir With Love

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Elixir Alchemists love the pipe (|>) operator, and with good reason: it enables transformation of data in ways that are very expressive.

These expressive declarations of code – or "pipelines" – can seem like a magic bullet, but let’s look at an example where the pipeline becomes cumbersome and unwieldy. Then we’ll refactor to use the new with macro introduced in Elixir 1.2, and fall in love with pipelines again.

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How Can We Help You?

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Here at Hashrocket, our designers and developers build kickass software that businesses depend on. But delivering at a high level is the result of more than just having a talented team – that team also must be given direction. We've refined a process over the years which allows us to deliver and ship quality software at a high rate, consistently. We'd like you to leverage that process and our experience to help you deliver at a similar...

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Entry Level? This will help!

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The Ruby community is surging with new developers. Thanks to bootcamps and a drive for diversity, the community is booming and becoming better than ever. A little over a year ago I started reviewing applications at Hashrocket. While talking to new developers the same questions keep coming up:

  • What can I do to improve my resume/github?
  • How can I make myself more marketable?

This article is my advice for entry level developers.