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Hashrocket Brand Resources & Guidelines

Hashrocket Logo


  • PMS: 186 U

    CMYK: 20 100 100 15

    RGB: 175 30 35

    Hex: #af1e23

  • PMS: 426 U

    CMYK: 0 0 0 90

    RGB: 65 64 66

    Hex: #414042

  • PMS: 420 U

    CMYK: 21 17 17 0

    RGB: 200 200 200

    Hex: #c8c8c8


White Space

To preserve the integrity of the Hashrocket logo, always maintain a minimum white space around the logo. This clear space insulates the logo from clashing with other visual elements and prevents confusion.


To ensure consistent use, never alter, rotate, embellish, or attempt to redraw the Hashrocket logo. The proportions and shape of the logo should never be altered for any reason. Always maintain the minimum white space, even when proportionally scaling the logo.


Be sure the Hashrocket logo is reproduced at a legible size, and that it does not appear subordinate to any other partner logos. Likewise, never present the logo in a way that makes it the most prominent feature or design element.


Never modify the logos in any way, such as changing the arrangement, design or color. Always use the appropriate logo version for the background it will be displayed on for the best possible legibility.