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Taylor Mock


Coming out of the suburbs of Atlanta, Taylor discovered the web at a very early age. Building websites and toying around throughout his younger years, he eventually became sidetracked by other adventures. After designing t-shirts in Georgia, kiteboarding in the Bahamas, and golfing in South Carolina, he would eventually end up developing the Web again in Transylvania, Romania. While avoiding vampires and Dracula, he stumbled upon Ruby. Taylor jumped on a flight back to the USA to continue his passion for Ruby as a developer here at Hashrocket. Hashrocket has allowed Taylor to continue to grow and develop his skill-set in a number of new technologies, some of those being React, Ember and Elixir.

When not at work, Taylor can be found giving talks at Elixir meetup groups, coaching at Rails Girls events (secretly selling them the benefits of Elixir), sailing, surfing or spending time with his wife Andreea.

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