Micah Cooper

Micah Cooper

Code Eater

With a background in the medical software field, Micah is quick to pick up a new idea and run with it. His love for creative problem solving and joy of building meaningful, usable applications makes him a natural fit.

Whether it's interactive design, refactoring a hairy beast, or formalizing a library abstraction, he's ready to get down and dirty. When he's not utterly distracted by the world of Ruby (and Ruby on Rails), you'll find him on a surfboard chasing sharks (or getting chased – we can never tell with all the splashing) or trying to break a bone with his skateboard.

Open Source Projects

  • Formal Formal is simply a form builder that provides the markup we typically use around form fields on Hashrocket projects.

  • Rench Have a toolbox, fill it with tools, and use them easily