Joshua Davey

Joshua Davey


Armed with a Master's degree in religious studies, Josh can often be heard explaining the Hebrew etymology of various words, usually erroneously. After his academic ventures, Josh discovered Rails and blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. Having worked in both front- and back-end development, he bravely defends the honor of front-end developers, or vice-versa, as the situation demands. When he isn't coding, Josh can be found playing with his two awesome kids, woodworking, or smoking his trusty briar pipe.

Open Source Projects

  • Decent Exposure A helper for creating declarative interfaces in controllers

  • The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, implemented in Clojure and Datomic.

  • unicornleap Makes unicorns jump across your screen!

  • vim-blockle Rapidly toggle between the two different styles of ruby blocks, namely do/end and brackets {}.

  • vim-hearth Hearth extends fireplace.vim to speed up your clojure TDD cycle.

  • vim-turbux Speed up your TDD cycle by using a single key mapping to run the most relevant test based on the current file in vim. It uses tmux's scriptability to send commands to a chosen pane in your tmux session.

Speaking Appearances