Joshua Davey

Joshua Davey


Armed with a Master's degree in religious studies, Josh can often be heard explaining the Hebrew etymology of various words, usually erroneously. After his academic ventures, Josh discovered Rails and blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. Having worked in both front- and back-end development, he bravely defends the honor of front-end developers, or vice-versa, as the situation demands. When he isn't coding, Josh can be found listening to obscure bands you've never heard of, trying to seem cool by reading Russian literature, or smoking his trusty briar pipe.

Open Source Projects

  • unicornleap Makes unicorns jump across your screen!

  • vim-blockle Rapidly toggle between the two different styles of ruby blocks, namely do/end and brackets {}.

  • vim-hearth Hearth extends fireplace.vim to speed up your clojure TDD cycle.

  • vim-turbux Speed up your TDD cycle by using a single key mapping to run the most relevant test based on the current file in vim. It uses tmux's scriptability to send commands to a chosen pane in your tmux session.

Speaking Appearances