Jack Christensen

Jack Christensen

Jack of all Trades

Jack began teaching himself to program in elementary school when he discovered that was how to make computer games. He deployed his first Rails application before Rails 1.0 was released and has been active in Rails application development ever since. Jack is excited to be working with Go, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and git. In his spare time, Jack occasionally still dabbles in game development.

Open Source Projects

  • edge Fast trees for ActiveRecord with common table expressions.

  • Overload HTTP load tester

  • pgx PostgreSQL client library for Go

  • Quo Vadis Really simple and fast HTTP Router

  • react2fs react2fs is a simple utility to react to file system changes by running a command.

  • surus PostgreSQL extensions for ActiveRecord

  • tern Tern is a standalone migration tool for PostgreSQL.

  • The Pithy Reader A fast, simple, and lightweight feed aggregator and reader

  • tod Supplies TimeOfDay class that includes parsing, strftime, comparison, and arithmetic.