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“... flexible, professional, timely, and most importantly, got the job done.”

We turned to Hashrocket to help solve problems, and get us on track. They were just what we needed! Hashrocket was flexible, professional, timely, and most importantly, got the job done. I was very impressed with the systems they have in place to maintain quality work. On top of the quality, they were just nice people to work with at a time when we were stressed. We successfully completed our project on time, thanks to Hashrocket.

Shelagh Mulvaney, Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University

“... as a client, I feel like I have an enthusiastic team working for me – not just a brilliant programmer.”

As a Hashrocket client, I can attest first hand to the greatness of the pair system. Obviously the two-heads are better than one, but even more importantly, two programmers working on solutions really ramps up the creativity and efficiency. It not only reduces burnout, it increases the elegance and the "wow" factor in solving problems. Also, as a client, I feel like I have an enthusiastic team working for me – not just a brilliant programmer. It costs more per hour, but it takes less hours and within those fewer hours, we get fantastic solutions.

Brian Dear, Founder at iCouch

“Our launch was smooth and successful.”

Hashrocket was fantastic to work with. There are 1.1 million things that can go wrong when launching a new website. Our launch was smooth and successful. Our working relationship rested on fantastic communication, and as a result, the process was fun as well as fulfilling.

David Cohn, Director and Founder at Spot.Us

“The quality of developers is second to none.”

We're extremely happy, and if it wasn't for the help of Hashrocket and a very professional development team, we would never have pulled our project off in less than 6 months. Their quality of developers is second to none. They did a great job really understanding our business and implementing the value we wanted to see in order to make our app most useful to the airlines.

Justin Dennis, Vice President, ATP Flight School

“They've increased our velocity in a very measurable way.”

We decided to hire Hashrocket for a number of reasons – that they had a great reputation in the community as a Ruby on Rails shop that moved quickly, knew how to integrate very effectively with the team, brought a lot of expertise and cross-pollination and could very effectively jump on board with our already existing agile process.

They've increased our velocity in a very measurable way, they integrated seamlessly with our agile process, and with our culture here in the office. We know our business better than anyone, so finding people who both offer new ideas and also can really rock and roll in accord with the existing road map is essential and Hashrocket has totally done that.

Aaron Schikdkrout, Co-Founder & CEO, How About We

“Hashrocket has my 100% stamp of approval.”

When you meet a group of people that help you accomplish your dream – because that's what TFS is, it was a dream of mine that I started two years ago and have worked from a business plan, to story carding, and a functioning application – I couldn't say enough about a firm that helped me do that and Hashrocket has my one hundred percent stamp of approval.

Patrick Schaffer, President, TFS

“Hashrocket was one of the best business decisions we made in bringing our solution into the world.”

Listen up, because we're about to get real up in here. Hashrocket was one of the best business decisions we made in bringing our solution into the world. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to work with the best, and we found them.

Hashrocket wasn't just a development agency to us – they were team of people I can only describe as "all in" on Satellite. They heard us, they invested themselves in understanding the dent we were looking to make in the universe, and they amplified our culture of designing elegant, powerful solutions to complex problems by pushing ideas to their finest form.

What was the result of this relationship? A solution that stands heads above the competition, software we can scale and iterate faster than we ever thought possible, scalable and dependable development throughput, processes that allow our in-house teams to take full ownership of development or work in tandem at any time, a true agile development environment etched into our own business, and a team of rock stars I genuinely call "friends" today. Would I ever use Hashrocket again? Every time.

Evan LaPointe, Co-Founder and Product Lead, Search Discovery

“The Hashrocket team did a great job understanding our business and our big picture.”

We came to Hashrocket with a concept. With their help we were able to take that concept and turn it into a turnkey application with a whole business opportunity built around it. The Hashrocket team did a great job understanding our business and our big picture. We loved the daily standups and the whole Agile concept – we felt tethered to the project, unlike some companies that go weeks without communicating. Hashrocket was truly a great team to work with, and we miss our daily chats!

Belinda Caylor, President, Socialmine

“We've never experienced this level of detail with a design firm before.”

From the very beginning, communication was much more organized and the feedback was much quicker than we've experienced with other design firms. The designers at Hashrocket were really able to listen to our ideas and come up with a unique interface that was what we'd hoped for since the beginning. They were able to take all of our big ideas, focus on the meaningful features, and create an application that is cleaner and easier to use.

We asked Hashrocket to handle graphic design, color selection, fonts, and frontend code. When we've tried that with other firms in the past, it was a failure. In this case, my developers were impressed with Hashrocket's work, and they were impressed with the way things were implemented. The handoff has gone very smoothly.

We've never experienced this level of detail with a design firm before – Hashrocket really captured every interaction of the application.

Sean Biganski, CTO, Fanhub

“It's always a pleasure working with professionals.”

Hashrocket was an integral part of the team that transformed the Encyclopedia of Life. Their expertise, insight and dogged determination helped us meet our tight development schedule, and their willingness to integrate their workflows into our development process made for a smooth collaboration. It's always a pleasure working with professionals.

Bob Corrigan, Director of Operations, EOL

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