We have learned React well, and write it everywhere.

React's ecosystem is rich with tools that optimize the creation of comprehensive user interfaces. Webpack, Redux, Redux Form, React Router and React Native are the dominant players, and our developers have a mastered them all. This allows us to quickly build the seamless, stable, and beautiful web/mobile app that your business deserves.

  • Globe We build apps for Web, Android, and iOS with React
  • React React's unified workflow increases development speed
  • Speech bubbles We proficiently leverage React's wide world of tooling

React is flexible, robust, and widely used

  • Can be used to build all or part of your user interface
  • Written in JavaScript, the effective lingua franca for app developers across all skill levels
  • Used by some of the biggest brands in technology: Facebook, Instagram, & Airbnb

We build complex UIs in React

React UI Demo

“We’re extremely happy, and if it wasn’t for the help of Hashrocket and a very professional development team, we would never have pulled our project off in less than six months. Their quality of developers is second to none.”

Justin Dennis, Vice President, ATP Flight School

React Seamlessly Weds Your Web and Mobile Workflow

  • Its wide adoption and community support make it more maintainable for future developers
  • Consolidates DOM writing, DOM manipulation, and state management under one domain
  • React Native's performance is on par with those of native iOS and Android
  • Increases synergy between web development and mobile development teams