Demanding applications demand Elixir.

The pairing of Elixir and the Phoenix web framework is well-suited for applications that need real-time communication, the ability to massively scale, and nine nines (99.9999999%) of reliablity. Elixir and Phoenix provide these features by harnessing Elixir’s built-in concurrency to utilize all the processing power of the server. You can handle hundreds of thousands of requests with just one server.

  • Globe Hashrocket is at the forefront of building an Elixir community
  • Elixir We bring our own software best practices to Elixir
  • Speech bubbles Our developers speak and share about Elixir worldwide

Elixir is thorough and concise

  • A language optimized for data-intensive business logic
  • Reliable, well-known patterns for increased productivity
  • Backed by a great community and solid documentation

We believe Elixir is the future, and we’re invested.

Hashrocket developers organize the Chicago Elixir meetup, blog about Elixir, and speak about the language at Elixir conferences.

“We’re extremely happy, and if it wasn’t for the help of Hashrocket and a very professional development team, we would never have pulled our project off in less than six months. Their quality of developers is second to none.”

Justin Dennis, Vice President, ATP Flight School

Let’s get technical

  • Built on top of the Erlang Virtual Machine, a battle-tested technology in the telecommunications industry
  • Response times are measured in microseconds rather than milliseconds
  • Key value stores are a language feature, not a dependency
  • Background jobs are easy to manage and built in as processes
  • Elixir’s concurrency model allows great support for websockets and real-time communication