Ruby on Rails is proven, efficient, and powerful.

Reap the rewards of a technology known for being thorough and clear. Hashrocket transforms the power of Rails technology into business.

  • Computer Hashrocket has 10 years of experience with Rails
  • Ruby on rails We’ve built over 200 Ruby on Rails apps
  • Person Our developers average 7 years of Rails experience

Quality code thanks to Test–Driven Development

  • Automated testing for rock–solid real world apps
  • Simple, thoughtful code structure
  • Built–in agile methodology for seamless iterations

We’ve built Rails apps for hundreds of clients.

“Hashrocket was one of the best business decisions we made in bringing our solution into the world. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to work with the best, and we found them.”

Evan LaPointe, Co-Founder and Product Lead, Search Discovery

Built for your business

Rails is powerful because it enables businesses to thrive, thanks to its minimal setup and ease of development. Hashrocket writes Rails software with your business goals in mind and takes advantage of the framework’s ability to rapidly deliver solutions. Rails provides extensive testing facilities to ensure confidence in your final product, and when you work with Hashrocket, you can expect to talk with us on a daily basis as we work together to make great software and business decisions.