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Introducing Today I Learned

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I'm proud to introduce Today I Learned, a concise mini-blog run by all of us here at Hashrocket.

Software is an ever-changing field, and relevancy demands constant learning. We all learn every day, and Today I Learned allows us to continuously document and reflect on that journey as it happens. We use the Hashrocket Blog to share announcements, new products, and software development techniques, but Today I Learned fills a gap for us: many Hashrocket Blog posts are lengthy, deliberate explorations of our field, but sometimes it's best to just post what you've learned the moment it happens.

Today I Learned is different because it restricts posts to 200 words. It was designed to be readable and updated daily. Each post is personal– sometimes a tip is bleeding-edge stuff, while other times it's something basic that's just new to that person– but every post is fundamentally functional and directly related to our work.

This was my apprentice project, and I paired with Rocketeers from across the company. I learned a lot in that process and am grateful to everybody who lent stories, advice, and encouragement, especially my mentors in the Chicago office. Special thanks goes to Cameron Daigle, who quickly styled an intuitive, responsive, and bold user experience.

Check it out!

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