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Better Icon Fonts with Sass

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When I think about all of the different ways I've made icons over the past dozen or so years, I start to feel a few different emotions. Old, primarily. But nostalgic? Hardly. We've come a long way, folks.

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Understanding Common Table Expressions with FizzBuzz

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For a long time, I avoided trying to understand what common table expressions were or how they worked. The name alone was intimidating. I figured I could just get by with the database features supported by my ORM. Better that way; I won't have to get my hands dirty with all that raw SQL.

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Reviewing Code

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The dreaded code review. Nobody likes receiving or delivering a code review, but scrutinizing our code leads to a better product.

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Hey Everyone, I found a use for a Singleton

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I wrote software for a long time without really knowing what a Singleton is, so let's all get on the same page.

What's a Singleton?

Although its usage prevalence depends on the language you're developing in, the general definition is such:

A pattern that restricts the instantiation of a class to one object.

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Bulk Imports with Datomic

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I've been really happy with Datomic, but doing an initial bulk import wasn't as familiar as SQL dump/restore. Here are some things that I've learned from doing several imports.