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10 Vim Commands for a Better Workflow

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Vim is an essential tool at Hashrocket. It lets us share a common workspace with anybody, onsite or remote. Despite its unassuming veneer, Vim is a very powerful text editor. Small investments in learning slowly compound into a fast and joyful programming experience.

Here are ten Vim commands worth exploring.

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Responsifying with Viewport Units

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Not long ago, I designed what seemed like a tricky heading to implement. For our upcoming Ancient City Ruby conference, I placed two lines of text on either side of “450” (the number of years St. Augustine has been a city), taking up the full width of the containing column. Oh, yeah, and I wanted this heading to be responsive.

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Behind the Curtain: a Design Workshop Recap

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I recently led a design workshop for a client team onsite in Birmingham, Alabama. This introduction to design was an all-day event that led over 20 participants through the elements of design, from line and color to hierarchy and typography, with group activities, critiques, and interactive exercises.