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LittleDecorator Gem: Rails Model Decoration in 42 Lines

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We usually hand-roll our own decorators here at Hashrocket. After doing this a few times I’ve found a pattern that I really like, and now I’ve turned it into a gem called LittleDecorator. This gem delivers on its name: there are only 42 lines of code in lib. This blog post explains how to use it and how it works.

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8 Great Vim Mappings

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I frequently create mappings or functions whenever I find myself repeating the same keystrokes. By now I’ve accumulated a decent list of custom mappings. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Hashrocket Code Audits

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Hashrocket has a thorough and well-structured code audit process. We evaluate code history, bootstrapping, architecture, value of tests, code clarity, security risks, and any area of concern a developer might encounter. Depending on project size, it could last from a couple of days to a week – and the client will come away with invaluable insights into their product.

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Building Ember CLI Addons Simply

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Before we begin, a backstory. Ember is a framework for building ambitious web applications. Ember CLI is a project that enables you to get your ambitious web applications into the browser with a minimum amount of fuss. It makes a lot of decisions for you, that allow you to get up and running quickly. Build tools, ES6 module transpilation, and QUnit just work. Which allows you to work on the important stuff. It has a thrumming community…

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Edge of Tomorrow, Explained in Git

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Many people seemed to enjoy my recent post where I related X-Men: Days of Future Past to Git. So I’ve decided to do it again with Edge of Tomorrow. This is now the second installment in The Git Movie Series: Time Travel Movies Explained in Git.


Yeah, I’m about to discuss the entire movie.