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An Ancient Recap

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I went to Ancient City Ruby this past week, and had an amazing time. There was a great turnout, and it was a lot of fun meeting everyone. I’d like to take a few minutes to summarize the talks, and get you excited for their imminent release online. So with that, let’s dig in.

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Using Datomic as a Graph Database

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Datomic is a database that changes the way that you think about databases. It also happens to be effective at modeling graph data and was a great fit for performing graph traversal in a recent project I built.

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Refactoring Minical: a cup of Coffeescript

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This past week I pushed a pretty thorough rewrite & cleanup of Minical, my jQuery datepicker plugin. I originally opened it up just to add one little feature, but quickly became sidetracked by how lousy the codebase was and how much better I could write it now (note: this happens with everything I’ve ever coded or designed, and is completely normal).

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Rich UI Prototyping with Stagehand

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I’m a huge proponent of increasing designer/developer communication and easing the handoff between static and implemented markup – and Stagehand is my latest attempt to bridge the gap.