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Easy Star Ratings in CSS

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This pattern comes up regularly for us: providing the ability for a user to rate something via stars. Back in the day, we'd use a repeating background image and some JavaScript, but it's 2015 now, and in the world of retina screens and CSS3, we can do better.

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A Compendium of Hooks in EmberCLI

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Below you'll find information relevant to creating addons in EmberCLI. Addons are a powerful abstraction in EmberCLI. These addons help enable the extension of Ember applications built with the framework. EmberCLI has several generators that make creating addons simple, but knowing where to put your addon specific customizations can be difficult. This post will attempt to list all known addon hooks as of EmberCLI version 0.1.4.

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16 Tips from the 2014 Winter Miniconf

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Hashrocket hosts an internal conference twice a year called Miniconf where we take a day to share ideas with each other. This last Miniconf I gave a quick 20 minute talk with a grab bag of Linux, shell, PostgreSQL, and Ruby tricks. This article is that talk converted to text format.

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Exploring the Postgres Gin index

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Postgres has 4 different types of indexes, each better suited for a particular task. In this post, I will explore the Postgres Gin index and how to leverage it to quickly search text columns.