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With the help of the team here at Hashrocket, I’ve developed a product called Mocaroni for working with APIs. The idea came from the issues I’ve run into while working on projects dealing with unfinished APIs. So, here’s the story. I hope it gets your noodle going.

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Drop-in Responsive Styles With Sass

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Organizing responsive styles into your existing stylesheet is always a challenge, but a simple Sass mixin can provide you with a dead-simple way to inject responsiveness wherever it’s needed.

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LittleDecorator Gem: Rails Model Decoration in 42 Lines

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We usually hand-roll our own decorators here at Hashrocket. After doing this a few times I’ve found a pattern that I really like, and now I’ve turned it into a gem called LittleDecorator. This gem delivers on its name: there are only 42 lines of code in lib. This blog post explains how to use it and how it works.