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Design That's Not a Pain in the Neck

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Everyone has worn them—and let’s be honest, aren’t they embarrassing? They are clunky, they are dorky and they are poorly made, are they not? Conference lanyards have always bothered me, which is what set me on the path to design a better one.

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Materialized View Strategies Using PostgreSQL

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Queries returning aggregate, summary, and computed data are frequently used in application development. Sometimes these queries are not fast enough. Caching query results using Memcached or Redis is a common approach for resolving these performance issues. However, these bring their own challenges. Before reaching for an external tool it is worth examining what techniques PostgreSQL offers for caching query results.

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Creative South 2015

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The Hashrocket design team recently returned from Creative South, a creative conference in Columbus, GA. We'd heard a lot of good things about this conference in the past and had wanted to check it out, so this year we finally made the five–hour road trip (past lots of trees, farms, and tiny towns we'd never heard of — Ty Ty, anyone?).