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16 Tips from the 2014 Winter Miniconf

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Hashrocket hosts an internal conference twice a year called Miniconf where we take a day to share ideas with each other. This last Miniconf I gave a quick 20 minute talk with a grab bag of Linux, shell, PostgreSQL, and Ruby tricks. This article is that talk converted to text format.

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Exploring the Postgres Gin index

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Postgres has 4 different types of indexes, each better suited for a particular task. In this post, I will explore the Postgres Gin index and how to leverage it to quickly search text columns.

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With the help of the team here at Hashrocket, I've developed a product called Mocaroni for working with APIs. The idea came from the issues I've run into while working on projects dealing with unfinished APIs. So, here's the story. I hope it gets your noodle going.