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Better Icon Fonts with Sass

Posted by Cameron Daigle in Design

When I think about all of the different ways I've made icons over the past dozen or so years, I start to feel a few different emotions. Old,...

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Represent Your Work

Posted by Daniel Ariza in Design

As this magical thing called the internet has connected us all, the world has become much smaller. Even though we are all seemingly more connected...

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CSS Bar Charts with Flex and attr()

Posted by Cameron Daigle in Design

The Hashrocket blog has a little cousin now: Today I Learned is doing quite well for itself these days, with over 200 posts from 13 different...

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Design That's Not a Pain in the Neck

Posted by Mike Fretto in Design

Everyone has worn them—and let’s be honest, aren’t they embarrassing? They are clunky, they are dorky and they are poorly made, are they not?...

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Easy Star Ratings in CSS

Posted by Cameron Daigle in Design

This pattern comes up regularly for us: providing the ability for a user to rate something via stars. Back in the day, we'd use a repeating...

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Classical mixin inheritance in Sass

Posted by Cameron Daigle in Design

I had a crazy idea the other day, and it's grown into something pretty awesome (but still a little crazy): a pattern for scalably...