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Today I Learned 2018: Year In Review

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Today I Learned is an open-source Elixir Phoenix project by Hashrocket. One of the fun things about January is being inspired to look back at the past year. This blog revisits some of the top trends and posts in Today I Learned of 2018.

In 2018, we at Hashrocket posted 379 TILs. On average, we collectively were learning something new every day!

Our top-two most popular posts of the year were both #elixir posts:

The three topics that we posted TILs about most often were:

  1. #javascript (56 posts)
  2. #react (52 posts)
  3. #reasonml (44 posts)

A huge portion of our work this year involved React and JavaScript so it is no surprise that we were learning a lot in those areas! Here are the top posts from each of those categories:

Our top two most loved channels were the same as above, but #command-line squeezed onto the podium as the number three most loved topic. Everyone loves a good command line trick! This end-of-year post was the most-loved command line TIL of 2018:

In order to come up with the 2018 stats, I had to learn how to write some Postgres queries. Of course, it is only appropriate that I posted about what I learned in a TIL. You can read it here (and find out who had the on-average most-loved TILs of 2018):

As interesting as it is to look back on all the things we learned in 2018, it is even more exciting to consider the year ahead. Will we see a uptick in Elixir posts? Will we discover even more Vim tricks? Our goal is to keep learning new things every day, and to open up new areas of exploration. Here's to TIL in 2019!

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