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Where In the World are the Rocketeers?

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This year's conference schedule is in full swing and there are many opportunities to get engaged in the Ruby community both in the States as well as abroad. Whether you are looking to attend a regional conference, or want to venture a little further, you will most likely run into a Rocketeer or two. So get out, get engaged, we'd love to meet you!

Ancient City Ruby

April 4-5 | St. Augustine, FL

Hashrocket is organizing its first Ruby conference in sunny Florida, and we invite everyone to attend. The historic city of St. Augustine provides a unique setting to discover knowledge in the Ancient City. Attendees will be treated to a variety of perspectives on topics ranging from the philosophy behind software to Test Driven Development. The lineup includes notable speakers including Jim Weirich, Sandi Metz, Avdi Grimm and Russ Olsen. You don't want to miss this one so make sure to register before it's too late!


April 29 - May 2 | Portland, OR

In 2013, the largest gathering of Ruby on Rails developers in the world returns to Portland. RailsConf promises to be one of the highlights of the year as it spotlights the latest in innovations within the Rails community. The conference draws developers and companies from around the world to connect and learn about new products as well as the tools of the trade.

Rocketeers Attending

Scottish Ruby Conf

May 12-13 | Perthshire, Scotland

Scottish Ruby is a premier Ruby conference in the UK and provides a unique perspective on the techniques of the software craftsman. The venue has changed this year but the conference is guaranteed to deliver.

Rocketeers Attending


June 5-7 | Manzanillo, Mexico

MagmaRails is now MagmaConf! MagmaConf is a web development conference that covers cutting-edge topics in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, frontend, and other web technologies. This is one of the most important web development conferences in Central America and it's a chance for engineers from around the world to meet and experience Mexico.

Rocketeers Attending

Madison Ruby

August 23-24 | Madison, WI

Want to discover a hidden gem in the Ruby community? Madison Ruby is a showcase to the locals and a chance for visitors to experience a true gem of the community. On the 22nd attendees have a chance to partake in pre-conference workshops.

Rocketeers Attending

Check back later this summer to see where you'll find the Rocketeers in Fall 2013!

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