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Book Club recap: Javascript Patterns

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Hashrocket Book Club is a chance for Rocketeers and viewers like you to meet up at 12:12 each week and walk through a book on any number of topics.

In the past we've done Ruby books, David Allen's Getting Things Done, usability books, you name it ... but we just wrapped up a multi-week session on Stoyan Stefanov's Javascript Patterns.

It was an interesting couple of months, to be sure. While we found some common ground in many of his patterns (and a few were downright enlightening), there were definitely some sections that could have used a couple of more revisions, especially towards the end of the book.

But that's exactly why Book Club is great! With enough heads in the same space, those iffy parts tend to be caught more often than not, and make for great discussion material.

Here's episode 1 in all of its Javascripty glory.

You can watch the rest of the episodes here on our Vimeo. Enjoy!

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