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A Simple List of Ruby Conferences

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I looked for a simple list of upcoming Ruby conferences and didn't find what I was looking for, so I made one.

Ruby Conferences is a simple list of Ruby-specific events. You'll find event dates, location, CFP and registration information. With a kickass design by fellow Rocketeer Cameron Daigle, this project started as just a list, but ended up with news published to a Twitter account and a news feed.

To come up with the initial list of events and their details, I did a bunch of Google searching and Twitter stalking. I used Middleman to create the site and have a GitHub repo that I hope people might contribute to with updates and event information.

So, this is part scratching my own itch and part experiment in collaborative publishing, mixed with a (hopefully) useful service for the Ruby community. I'd love any feedback on the site you might have - feel free to email me at rubyconfs@gmail.com, hit me up at @rubyconferences or open an issue on the repo.

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