We turned Satellite’s tag tracking and analytics engine into an industry-leading product acquired by Adobe.

When Satellite came to Hashrocket, they had already been working on proprietary software they wanted to turn into a product: an engine that dynamically updated web pages’ meta tags and scripting for analysis purposes.

Shaping a product

Hashrocket provided consulting and direction for various value propositions, landing on a system that enabled integration with a customer’s existing analytic tools. Within a few short months, we built and designed a full-fledged MVP that included admin roles and system management, customer features such as analytics integration, and dynamic management of client-side Javascript for a variety of marketing purposes.

“Hashrocket was one of the best business decisions we made in bringing our solution into the world.”

— Evan LaPointe, Co-Founder and Product Lead, Search Discovery

Launch & beyond

Following the success of the initial product launch, we continued to iterate and enhance Satellite with a powerful code editor and DOM analysis, which led to its eventual acquisition by Adobe.