We helped ConnectSense launch a new product line that integrates hardware, software, and real–time data.

Grid Connect approached Hashrocket to help them launch a new home automation product line, powered by a new application that allow users to sync hardware sensors with a powerful, real-time data platform.

Custom Built from the Ground Up

Hashrocket designed and developed a unique workflow for homeowners to set up sensors via WiFi or a USB connection. The system lets users create custom rules for sensors that trigger events, including strobes and sirens for security purposes, or even calling the homeowner if their basement is flooding. With a custom–built reporting engine, all the user’s data is securely stored with easy–to–read visualizations.

“Hashrocket was able to accommodate our needs on a number of different projects. Their developers and designers are professional, highly skilled and a pleasure to work with.”

Adam Justice, ConnectSense Founder

All the way to launch

Hashrocket played a key role in ConnectSense’s launch strategy, designing and building the initial marketing site, providing lead design for their launch store, and creating an icon set for product packaging.