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A new way to approach an old problem.

Tracking visitor information for marketing purposes is tedious and overcomplicated – and usually falls on the shoulders of a busy IT team. Search Discovery came to Hashrocket with the lofty goal of revolutionizing tracking, analytics and tag management. With their experience and insight executed through our proven process, they're on track to do just that.

The right tools for the jobs.

We provided a streamlined UI and an expertly crafted codebase to put Satellite ahead of the curve. Satellite now allows teams to manage tags, campaigns and analytics accounts with an intricacy and ease not yet found in any other service. Satellite currently integrates with dozens of analytics & testing services, including Google Analytics, KISSMetrics, Test&Target, and Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst.

Satellite's secret weapon is a little tool called Rover. Rover is a bookmarklet that allows users to simply click on elements on webpage and assign tracking rules to them, with no code required. This extra layer is what allows non-technical users the capability to manage the most complicated analytics quickly and easily.

Leveraging the power of Rails, MongoDB and cloud services, Satellite and Rover are built on a solid foundation for the future, and are flexible enough for whatever new dreams the Search Discovery team has along the way. You can learn more about Satellite at the Satellite homepage.