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An array of sensors ...

Maybe you want to be notified if your lights are on at home, or your office's server room is overheating, or if your garage door is open for too long: ConnectSense provides a suite of sensors for temperature, pressure, moisture and more. The Grid Connect team contacted Hashrocket to build a home base for all of their sensors: a control panel that allows users to configure & read data from their sensors.

... and the piece that holds it all together.

Hashrocket designed a sleek, geometric control panel with a distinctive set of icons to match. In addition to visualizations for sensor feedback, the control panel features a highly configurable rules interface: users can choose to be texted or emailed when certain conditions are met – or they can even trigger light, sound, or voltage through an output device. All of this is handled via an API and hosted with minimal hassle and maximum performance by the folks at Heroku. The monitoring software is itself monitored by our trusty set of Heroku addons including NewRelic (for performance analytics) and Airbrake (for error reporting).

(ConnectSense is currently in private beta)