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Where my Rocketeers at?

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As Summer is around the corner many of us have had to opportunity speak at and/or attend conferences around the world. If you happen to be in the area, please come and join us, we'd love to meet and speak with you.

Where we will be:

Nordic Ruby

June 15-16 | Stockholm, Sweden

  • Daniel Ariza
  • Paul Elliot
  • Shane Riley

Ruby Lugdunum

June 22-23 | Lyon, France

  • Rogelio Samour [speaking] - I Know Kung Fu (or Using Neo4j on Rails Without JRuby)!


June 28-29 | San Francisco, CA

  • Shane Riley [speaking] - Extensible jQuery Plugin Development

Scottish Ruby

June 29-30 | Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Matt Polito
  • Rogelio Samour


September 6-7 | Chicago, IL

  • Brian Dunn
  • Jon Allured
  • Josh Davey

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