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RubyJax Recap - OpenHax - February 20, 2015

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This is a recap of the most recent RubyJax meetup.

We had a great meetup at the latest RubyJax OpenHax with new people, new projects and interesting learnings. The group was 8 strong, and everyone was working on something different:

Shaun Hubbard started on the design of an iOS app that interacts with a Sinatra API to return global tide data.

We successfully helped Julian Parrish switch to Postgresql on his development machine instead of Sqlite3.

A veteran member, Patrick Canfield, rejoined our meetup after being out of the country for a few months. He was learning GO by created a Go backend and Javascript frontend.

There was a new face this meetup: Mike Yenny. He's just getting into Ruby on Rails, and also walked us through an automotive development platform called Jetson Pro.

Between these projects, some testimonials, and comparisons between Active Model Serializers and Jbuilder, we had a very productive and interesting meetup. Here's hoping the next one is as fun-filled (I'm sure it will be).

RubyJax is a meetup group hosted in Jacksonville, FL & sponsored by Starfield TMS and Hashrocket. We usually meet the first three Thursdays of every month with the following agenda:

  1. First Thursday: Book Club
  2. Second Thursday: Lecture/Presendation
  3. Third Thursday: OpenHax

We'd love for you to come out and join us!

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