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RubyJax Recap - Ember CLI Rails with Jonathan Jackson - March 12, 2015

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This is a recap of the most recent RubyJax meetup.

On the second Thursday of every month, RubyJax gathers to listen to a talk or lecture about something new and awesome. This month, Jonathan Jackson gave a talk on his new gem: Ember-CLI-Rails. He did a great job explaining what Ember.js is and the history of the project, starting with Ember, then Ember Appkit, then ember-rails, and finally Ember CLI. He explained how each iteration of the project, though they definitely had their shortcomings, helped move the future of Ember along. Now, with Ember CLI being the next step forward with the Ember project, Jon shows us how Ember CLI can play nicely with Rails by using his gem.

Usually RubyJax attracts primarily Ruby developers, but this meetup attracted people from all different disciplines: PHP, Pearl, and .Net developers all attended. Some were totally unfamiliar with Ember and frontend frameworks in general. Fortunately, they were happy to have their minds blown by Jon's explanation of how ember utilizes the History API.

With a thorough introduction to the joy of Ember.js, and details of how to use the power of Ember CLI inside your Rails application made, Jon Jackson made this month's meetup one to remember and aspire to. Thanks, Jon!

RubyJax is a meetup group hosted in Jacksonville, FL and sponsored by Starfield TMS and ourselves (Hashrocket). We usually meet the first three Thursdays of every month according to the following agenda:

  1. First Thursday: Book Club
  2. Second Thursday: Lecture/Presendation
  3. Third Thursday: RubyJax OpenHax

Check out the Meetup page, and come hang out sometime!

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