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Ruby5 Roundup - Episode 493

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I know you weren't expecting to hear us again so soon, but Lynn and I are back with the latest news in the Ruby and Rails communities. Here is a quick roundup of what's new in this episode of the Ruby5 podcast.


Reading Rails - TimeWithZone


Working with time zones in Rails causing you to drink? A better understanding of how they work may force you to find another reason for it! This blog post is just what you need.



Performing statistical functions has never been easier thanks to the descriptive_statistics gem from Derrick Parkhurst.

ActiveJob and GlobalID


Rails 4.2 comes packed with new features. This blog post will walk you through ActiveJob and GlobalID, two of the most exciting parts of the release!



Tired of uploader libraries that do all the hard work for you? Paperdragon enables you to do it your way when you need to work outside the standard box.

Ruby's English Operators


Avdi Grimm released a RubyTapas episode on Ruby's English and and or operators for free to everyone. You NEED to watch it!

So that's it for this episode of Ruby5. If you haven't already, subscribe to the podcast and keep yourself up to date. Thanks for listening!

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