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Ruby5 Roundup - Episode 414

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This week I am back on the mic with my favorite Herokai, Matthew Conway, to bring you the latest news in the Ruby and Rails communities in another episode of the Ruby5 podcast. Here is a quick roundup of what's new this week.




The casting gem is another approach to delegating methods to an \"attendant\" class. Similar behavior can be achieved with SimpleDelegator or by finagling things yourself with Forwardable. The most intriguing thing to me about this gem is the README, which contains an excellent discussion of delegation. If you haven't checked out the Clean Ruby book where much of this comes from, you really should.



This gem is a wrapper for the autoprefixer library written in coffeescript that automatically prepends browser prefixes to the css properties that need them. It works with the asset pipeline so you can just include the gem and it will start working.



The ivar_encapsulation gem makes it easy to have a mix of public and private accessors in your classes. You can declare lists of attributes and toggle the visibility of the getters and setters with some options to the macro.



Google Translate is an important part of all our lives at this point. Up until now, we have had to use our browsers to interact with it but the termit gem gives us all the goodness of that service right on the command line. It will even let you speak the translations right from the terminal!

Ruby on Mavericks


Wondering how to get a Ruby development environment up and running fast on Mavericks? This blog post from Dean Perry contains a checklist with all the steps to be developing in no time. Copy and paste commands FTW!

So that's it for this episode of Ruby5. If you haven't already, subscribe to the podcast and keep yourself up to date. Thanks for listening!

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