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Oh, give me a home...

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At 300 days of sun a year, Colorado is most definitely a place where the skies are not cloudy all day. A state boasting one of the best places to live in America, wonderful school systems and is also a great place for startups. According to a recent entrepeneur.com article, Colorado takes 4 of the top 25 spots for best cities for tech startups (including first and second place), making it safe to say that it's a great place for tech.

So, Colorado is great and all, but why are we belaboring the point? Because it serves as good background information about the following announcement:

Hashrocket is expanding to Boulder, Colorado

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I'm super pleased to announce that we've found a new home in Boulder. And when I say "home", I mean it. Hashrocket is a lifestyle company. We've grown sustainably for years now and we're not looking to get acquired by a product shop. Hashrocket is here to help businesses build awesome stuff and to help its employees hone their respective crafts.

Expanding to Boulder and bringing our office count up to 3 gives Rocketeers more options of how and where to live within the company they love. We're firm believers that excellence in our work life is fostered by quality of personal life. This is one more way we're trying to make that achievable.

Home on the range

We're releasing this announcement on the same day as the start of Rocky Mountain Ruby Conf and it's no coincidence, as it's part of what helped us fall in love with Colorado in 2012. We're in attendance and we'd love to chat with you about anything and everything. We couldn't be more pleased to become a part of this great community and can't wait to meet you all.

If you can't make it by Rocky Mountain Ruby Conf, feel free to stop in at our temporary office space in the Scrib coworking facility. Speaking of which, if you know about some great space in or around the Pearl Street Mall, let us know ;)

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