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Jacob (JR) Richardson is a Rocketeer

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Please help me welcome JR Richardson to Hashrocket Boulder as our newest Rocketeer.

JR Richardson

As our first hire in Boulder, JR is a home run. JR has been programming for as long as he can remember and started his professional programming career whilst still in high school. After a successful apprenticeship at Groupon he moved on to join their internal tools team, where he spent time building the tooling that ran the company, eventually open-sourcing some of that work.

JR loves Ruby and having quite the academic bent is ever-passionate about Lisps (with clojure being chief among them) and is very excited about go. When he's not busy building automated code analysis tools and analyzing programming language features with a fine-toothed comb, he relaxes by playing disc-golf and brewing craft beers. You can find him on github and twitter.

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