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Introducing PG Casts

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We are excited to share our latest project, PG Casts, with the world.

At Hashrocket, we love PostgreSQL.

Postgres is the relational database of choice for Hashrocket projects. We like it because it's free, well supported, and very friendly to developers. Postgres offers advanced features, outstanding data integrity guarantees, and competitive performance.

Hashrocket has invested in this tool and all of our developers seek mastery of it. We love nothing more than helping our clients take full advantage of Postgres.

In order to share our Postgres expertise with everyone else, we are introducing PG Casts.

PG Casts are short, free weekly screencasts covering beginner to advanced level tips and tricks for getting the most out of a Postgres database.

This project is a collaboration between Rocketeers across the company. Look for new screencast announcements on Twitter (@postgresqlcasts).

May your data be valid, and your queries performant.

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