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Ember Weekend Recap: Episode 1 & 2

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A little over a month ago 2 of my co-workers, Chase and Jon, started a podcast about Ember JS called Ember Weekend. Here's a guide to the topics they approached on the 1st and 2nd episodes.

Episode 1 - Our First Foray

EmberSherpa Workshop

Jon attended the online workshop about Ember 1.11 by Ember Sherpa and was super excited about some of the changes. If you overslept like Chase, you can watch it on Youtube.

The official changelog can be found at the Ember JS blog: http://emberjs.com/blog/2015/03/27/ember-1-11-0-released.html.

EmberJax Chat

To test some of the new features on Ember 1.11, Chase built a chat app. To see it in action visit Ember Jax Chat.

The source code can be found on Github: https://github.com/code0100fun/emberjax-chat.


Babel is a transpiler from ECMAScript 6 (ES6) into ES5. To learn more about ES6 visit https://babeljs.io/docs/learn-es6.

Ember Observer

The Ember Observer is a tool to discover ember-cli addons. They categorize, review, and give scores to each project they list. Make sure you check the details about how they review and score addons before you choose one for your app.

Ember Resources


A recurring question when starting with a new technology is "How do I get started?". Jon created a repository with some links to help beginners find great content. Know of a good link for beginners? Feel free to contribute with new items.

Growing Ember: One Tomster at a Time

During Ember Conf 2015, Jamie White talked about growing the Ember Community and mentioned how to create a custom Tomster. Find more information about it on the Ember JS site: http://emberjs.com/meetup-assets/

If you're interested, the talk is available on Youtube.

Episode 2 - The Weekend Strikes Back

Ember JS Versioned Guides


Now it is possible to see the documentation for Ember by version. Super useful for those who are tied to an older version. Also, the new examples use Ember CLI.

QUnit Custom Assertion


Check this gist on how to test custom assertions with QUnit.

Ember CLI Mirage

The Ember CLI Mirage is a library that help you to stub a backend service to develop, test and prototype an Ember CLI app.

Component with Optional Block


Gist about how to test component with optional block. Have a better way to do this? Send it our way by adding a comment to this blog post or on the Gist.

Ember Try

The Ember Try is a library that allows you to test your addon against multiple Bower dependencies (ember version, ember-data).

Rubyist's Guide To Ember Dependencies


Michael Dupuis wrote a great blog post explaining the Ember JS dependencies for the Rubyist. Very useful content.

That's it for this edition! Make sure you keep up to date by following @emberweekend on Twitter and subscribing via RSS feed or iTunes.

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