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Congrats to our Client Satellite on Adobe Acquisition

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A great client with an even more amazing product have been acquired by Adobe.

It was two years ago when I first met Lee Blankenship and Evan LaPointe from Search Discovery. They were coming in to story card a new project which would eventually become the product 'Satellite'. We're proud to say that Satellite was recently acquired by Adobe. As a member of the project team who worked on the Satellite project, I had the pleasure of working with them and the great team at Search Discovery since that first colorful story carding session.

We held a discovery call the week prior to story carding, as we would typically do for any project. However, it wasn't until we actually got them in our conference room that we really were able to get a good grasp on what it was they were doing, and it was revolutionary. They had developed the Satellite engine prototype for analytics tracking. This engine allowed them to track page events with more granularity than had ever been offered, while removing the need for marketing tags in markup. At the time, they were configuring the engine manually, and they wanted us to build out the web frontend, which would allow users to configure the rules the engine would follow.

In our standard fashion, we quickly moved through development of their MVP and they went to market. With the power of their engine and intuitive UI, it wasn’t long before they had a burgeoning userbase clamoring for more features and tools to assist in their tag management needs. We worked with Evan and Lee to identify, interview, and train their own development staff to take over day-to-day application development. For around 6 months, the Satellite developers would come to our Jacksonville office off and on to pair with us and immerse themselves in the domain and codebase. This personal training served to expedite ramp-up time on such a complex application, and it wasn’t long before we were only being utilized on as needed basis, proud of the assistance we were able to provide Search Discovery in helping the Satellite team succeed.

This week's announcement that Adobe acquired Satellite and its resulting media coverage has come as no surprise to us. The folks at Search Discovery developed software which will truly revolutionize tag management and the way companies go about obtaining their analytics data.

The words “revolutionary” and “disruptive” get thrown around in today’s tech community so much that they hold little meaning. However, when we look back at what Satellite has been able to accomplish, those words seem perfectly appropriate.

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