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Wedclock - A mobile app

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At Hashrocket we are encouraged to continually learn new skills. A few months ago I decided to use some of my open source and contribution time to learn iOS development.

After I shared my desire to build an iPhone app with my co-workers, ideas started to pop around the office. I didn't want something too complicated, it had to be something that I could start and finish in few weeks. Adam Lowe mentioned that he could remember his anniversary date but could never answer the question, "How long have you been married?". Solving his problem fit the time I had to build an app and that is how Wedclock went from a joke to a real app.

Rye Mason also deserves a big thank you for contributing a great design for the app.

Wedclock is an mobile app that will help married couple to remember their anniversary and let you know at any time how long you've been married and how long until your next anniversary.

iOS app

As I've said before, it is a really simple app but I had a lot of fun writing it. It was during it's development that Gabriel and I learned about some cool libraries, had the idea for a new iOS library, played with some testing frameworks and created a series of blog posts about mobile.

Even though there are lots of cool features to be added to Wedclock, we decided to go further and learn some more about Android development as well.

Just 3 days ago we released the Android version of the app.

android app

And of course, we will keep talking about our experience with iOS and Android development in more detail in future blog posts.

Stay tuned!

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