Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson


Jonathan spent more time in college building, fixing, and playing on computers than he ever did studying for his erstwhile major of Political Science. In retrospect, he should have realized his true passion was software development much earlier than he did. Eventually (especially after discovering Ruby) Jon fully embraced the way of the nerd. He loved the Ruby's syntax and power.

Jon joined Hashrocket in 2013, and since then has invested heavily into the Ember.js ecosystem. He recognized the power of convention over configuration and the strong community of Ember, as well as the ubiquity of JavaScript. He manages a local meetup group in Jacksonville: EmberJax, and hosts a long-running podcast about Ember and its ecosystem: EmberWeekend.

As a consummate polyglot software engineer, Jonathan enjoys the challenge of learning new ways to solve complex coding problems. He has extensive experience working with legacy code which has honed his ability to build carefully thought out programs that are highly flexible and durable. When not scouring the interwebs for new programming patterns or writing his next blog post, he can be found spending time at the beach.

Open Source Projects

  • EspnRb A ruby wrapper for the ESPN api. It allows you to interact, in a semantically pleasing way, with the ESPN api (v1).

  • Hippo The Hippo library is an attempt at creating a simple DSL to generate and parse HIPAA transaction sets.

  • Image Viewer Rails Image Viewer Rails is a simple wrapper for a javascript library that will load an array of images to your screen and offer controls for manipulating those images. Specifically designed to give modal control of images while forms are present.

  • Pivot.js Pivot.js is a simple way for you to get to your data. It allows for the creation of highly customizable unique table views from your browser.

  • Remote Pair Chef Tool to quickly provision remote pairing stations on Amazon's EC2.

  • Turbot IRC bot that adds utility, and some humor to a given IRC channel. Turbot was originally designed with #tamparb on, but can be easily adapted to other channels.

Speaking Appearances