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A flight school ready to disrupt the landscape.

ATP came to Hashrocket with a revolutionary idea: they would be aggressively transparent. Their new venture, PilotPool, would provide airline recruiters with a way to see how ATP students are progressing, down to their exact flight hours. Hashrocket was there from the start, providing UI, design, and development services to deliver a sophisticated and streamlined realization of their plans.

Clear skies ahead.

PilotPool is a smashing success, with 2000+ pilots in the system and 15+ airlines involved in the program. The app calculates projections of when each pilot reaches a given airline's respective hiring requirements and sorts thousands of pilots by custom progress algorithms, allowing the most advanced pilots to rise to the top. Other notable features include on-the-fly concatenation of pilots' resumes into a single PDF, an HTML/CSS3 isometric progress graph (visible on the homepage) and automated data syncing through an API with ATP's central server.

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