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A great idea ...

Fanhub is an upcoming relationship management tool for businesses that have outgrown small-team tools but aren't in need of a monolithic enterprise-level solution. BeQuick Software came to Hashrocket with a first version of their app that utilized a brilliant differentiator – a "card stack" paradigm allowing quick browsing & organization – but was in need of a more flexible, modern design approach.

... with an interface to match

Through constant collaboration and feedback, the Hashrocket design team took the core paradigm of the original Fanhub app and reworked it completely. The result was a much more reliable and intuitive interface that allowed the "card stack" idea to reach its full potential. Hashrocket then built a working prototype that featured a full set of interactions and animations, ready to be plugged into live data and built into a complete application.

Not to be outdone, our own iOS development team answered the call and delivered a cutting-edge iOS app to compliment the full-size web app. Fanhub is currently in closed beta, being used full-time by the BeQuick team and others – and we couldn't be more proud.

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