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Data in need of a design.

The Encyclopedia of Life is exactly what it sounds like: an encyclopedia of scientific knowledge, organized & curated by a global team of scientists and scholars. The EOL team came to Hashrocket with experienced developers, a global network of scientists, a huge library of content – and their existing design, which had been far outpaced by their needs. We jumped at the opportunity to update the design of such a far-reaching and complex site.

Accessible, extensible and global.

EOL's new website is a success on multiple levels: we expanded EOL's look & feel, developed an accessible UI, and accounted for technical constraints (due to EOL's global reach, the site needed to be compatible in multiple languages, without JavaScript, and in older browsers). The rethinking & redesign of EOL's toolset extends far past the public-facing layer, and encompasses both curation tools for scientists and administration tools for internal staff.