Software Developer Apprentice

The Hashrocket apprenticeship is a roughly six–month salaried program designed to take candidates with some professional software development experience and turn them into world–class software consultants. Once you enter our program, you’ll be immersed in a hybrid learning environment where you’ll pair with other apprentices as well as seasoned Rocketeers. You’ll work on client projects and smaller training apps to build up your programming knowledge. Our goal (and yours) is to help you finish our program ready to be promoted to full–time Rocketeer status.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Some professional programming experience
  • Passion for developing excellent software
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby and Rails
  • Enthusiasm about pairing and other Agile practices
  • You MUST be able to work full–time at one of our offices

Positive Consideration Given To:

  • Experience test driving application development
  • Previous consulting experience
  • Open source contributions
  • Familiarity with Vim
  • Agile (especially pair programming) experience


  • Salary based on experience
  • Ample paid time off
  • All expenses paid for attending conferences
  • Company paid healthcare premiums
  • Full 401k matching with no vesting period
  • Sustainable pace: 35 hours billable client work and 5 hours of open source contributions

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