Stephen Caudill

Stephen Caudill

Principal Developer

Stephen is an old hand in the world of Software Development. He spends his days in sunny Jacksonville Beach, FL and is Hashrocket’s most venerable developer (an honorific that comes with a cane). He’s been working on the web building applications and APIs since the first dot com bust, Rails since 2 months after it was released in August of 2005 and has been slinging Objective-C for iOS since 2010. Stephen loves Agile Development and is eagerly trying to improve the state of and tooling for BDD for iOS.

Open Source Projects

  • Decent Exposure A helper for creating declarative interfaces in controllers

  • Dibs An open source iOS client for the Dibs "Online classifieds without the strangers" web application.

  • Funcussion Funcussion is a Cocoapod for Objective-C that provides convenience methods on standard Objective-C objects that help you write Objective-C in a functional style.

  • Tomatoi.st An easy way to keep track of your timers while using the Pomodoro Technique.